Monday, 30 August 2010

Days 1-5: Goulash, dumplings and so many wurst!


Arrival in Eastern Europe was pretty smooth. Eurostar to Brussels, connection to Cologne (with 3 hour wait there...first wurst of the trip) and sleeper to Prague. Sleeper was fine except I drew the short straw with the middle bunk. Note to self: make sure you get either the top (more room) or the bottom (easy access) on sleepers in future. Almost missed my stop in Prague but for one of my carriage-mates spotting that we'd arrived there. Thanks to the Slovak lass who will soon be working in Hard Rock Cafe in Prague, but whose name I didn't catch.

Pretty easy transfer to Liberec and a wonderful weekend with Renata and Alex. Thanks guys. Much beer, quite a few more sausages, a lot of spectacular scenery and a couple of incredibly picturesque castles thrown in for good measure. And a lot of rain! It was still August when I last looked. Hopefully the weather will improve. Pictures below of trips to Hruba Skala (Rough Rock) and Kost (and outside A+R's apartment).

Got the bus from Liberec into Prague yesterday evening. Managed to stomach a limited amount of the brainless banter from the 18-21 year old inhabitants of Hostel Elf. Perhaps I'm too old for this. Not the travelling you understand, but talking to students. Hostel actually v nice. Threw myself in at the deep end with a room in an 11-bed dorm. When I arrived at about 8pm it looked like I was going to be the only one in there. Turned out not to be the case. Spent today visiting Prague castle and walking the streets of the city, including going to all the fine establishments recommended by R+A.

Night train again (bottom bunk booked) to Krakow tomorrow for sightseeing around the old city and a trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau (could be rather sobering) and then I'll be heading for the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia for a bit of hiking.

Will probably post again once I'm back from there.


  1. Hi Matt,it was great to see you and such an honour that you started your Big Trip in Liberec:-)Sorry about the weather, but at least we can guarantee the quality of the beer:-)Renata & Alex

  2. Maria's advice on the sleeper carriages is always take the bottom bunk if you can get it. top is always the hottest, and I'm not sure if farts rise or not.