Friday, 20 August 2010

All set

Just back from the Pakistan High Commission with visa. Hurrah! So my route is clear all the way to India, at least from a bureaucratic point of view. I did wonder whether there might be problems given the floods etc and I'll still have to keep an eye on the situation to see whether it'll be OK to travel.

Train booked through to Prague for Thursday, arriving Friday morning. Now all I have to do is stick all my worldly possessions into storage. Should be a fun couple of days.

I've managed to get round and see as many friends and family as humanly possible. Should see a whole heap more folks at the gig tonight to bid everyone a fond farewell. Final practice was last night. I could have done with getting to bed before 2am. Tonight should be fun and certainly not over-rehearsed. If anyone's reading this who doesn't know about it, shame on you. It's 7pm at the Blue Anchor (, just off Chancery Lane. Hope to see you there.

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