Saturday, 30 October 2010

Radio Silence

Apologies to anyone who has tried phoning or texting me over the last 2 weeks. Apparently my phone can't receive anything out here in Iran. Similarly no access to Facebook or Twitter. I can get email though (usual address) when I happen to get time to get to an internet cafe which is only the once so far. I'll blog my fascinating experiences in Iran once I get access to a proper PC. All going well though. The next post could be a biggie.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Matt,
    hear you phoned home so know that you are safe and well- (i'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with the police once you're back online though )
    City have obviously decided it would be unfair to go on a storming fa cup run while you are away and so we have been dumped out by lower league opponents again :( Of course everyone knows that what we really want this season is the Johnstone's Paint trophy so keep your fingers crossed we thrash the Argyle tomorrow!
    lots of love xx